The heroes behind Equinox Biohazard Remediation

A biohazard can be defined as any biological or chemical substance that is harmful to human health or the environment. These biohazardous substances can be present anywhere with blood, urine, feces, vomit, or any other bodily fluid present. Such fluids and biohazardous substances are mostly found on crime scenes, death, accidents, and trauma.

These biohazardous fluids are dangerous to a person or the environment, so how are they removed safely from the area infected? How are these harmful chemicals eradicated from every spot and the location made habitable and reusable? And who are these people that put themselves at risk to clean those biohazards? Let’s discuss the answer to these questions below. 

The Equinox heroes preparing for the job:

Biohazard remediation is not an as easy job as it looks. It requires years of practice and training to become skilled at it. That is why; Equinox offers its services for biohazard remediation. For the people working at the Equinox Company, this is a source of income. Their cleaners are trained experts; mostly, they are ex-military and law enforcement.

Since biohazardous substances require prior knowledge and information about the substances, an ordinary man cannot perform the job well. Another reason why years of training are needed is that the job can lead the workers to see gruesome and deadly sights. Not everyone dares to work in such tedious environments with the scent of death and rotten bodily fluids looming around them. That is where these Equinox heroes come in

Their job isn’t just to clean; it’s to make sure there is no single spot of biohazardous substance left behind, which can be even slightly dangerous to people there. They are there for the victim’s family or the people affected by listening to their stories. They help the people move on by removing traces of a tragic scene from the area and making it as good as new. In a way, these Equinox biohazard cleaners perform a public service by putting themselves in harm’s way to make an area disinfected for the use of the rest of the world. 

They also have to follow regulations laid down by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, including wearing the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment. According to the Personal Protective Equipment guidelines, to protect themselves from biohazardous substances, these cleaners need to dress up in protective gear. They wear head-to-toe Tyvek white suits, rubber gloves, boots, and gas masks as well so that every inch of their body is shielded from harmful chemicals which could affect their health adversely. Then, they set out to disinfect.

What do these Equinox biohazard remediation heroes do?

Most biohazardous substances are invisible to the naked eye. This invisibility is a primary reason for them being dangerous. Hence, extra care and precaution are needed to disinfect and clean a biohazardous place. Precision and carefulness are incredibly vital in performing the job well. Ordinary and usual household cleaning supplies don’t eradicate pathogens like HIV, Tuberculosis, AIDS, etc., from the area. 

First of all, the infected area is sealed off and contained, so no extra life is in danger. This is step 2 in the Equinox cleaning process: Control and Containment. Then comes the third step: Sanitization and Disposal. Items in the area, like furniture, curtains, clothes, beddings, hardboards, floorboards, etc. that have visible biohazard substances are removed and discarded. They are not thrown away in the ordinary dustbin. These items are placed in bags that are clearly labeled as biohazardous. Then, EPA-registered cleaning supplies are used to disinfect and clean the surface and area. 

High-level cleaning technology like illuminators and UV light is used to sanitize the biohazardous area properly. An illuminator is similar to a hydrogen peroxide mixture that reacts with blood and turns into white foam. The illuminator helps the cleaners see exactly how deep and where the blood has seeped and so they can clean every nook and cranny. UV light also aids them in observing where invisible biohazardous substances have spread, so nothing harmful is left behind. 

As the last step: Deodorizing, Adenosine Triphosphate is used to check any biological substance left that has not been cleaned off. This ADP testing is done by measuring the pathogens and substances’ cell activity, and the process is completed only if the test results are zero registered light units. If that is not the case, the test is done again after another cleaning session until the results are zero registered light units. 

The Equinox cleaners ensure that the place is safe to use with no threat to human health or the environment.

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