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We Meticulously Follow OSHA, EPA, & CDC Standards
How we go about the Decontamination Process
Our priority, in all the work wedo, is thehealthand safety ofour clientsandtheir lovedones, employees, andall other
individuals in the vicinity. At U.S. Trauma and Crime Scene Restoration Equinox Biohazard Remediation we meet all EPA
standards for trauma sceneandbiohazard cleanupandemploy a rigorous,scientific procedure that guarantees the total
removal of allcontaminates torestore theproperty to asafe, habitable state.

Step One:
The faster you respond to hazardous materials or biological cleanup, the better and easier the remediation process will be.
While police, firefighters, or investigators may be first on scene, it is not their responsibility to arrange the cleaning of the
affected areas or restore the property to a healthy or inhabitable condition. That obligation falls to the owner of the
property or the property manager.
If you are responsible for abiohazardsite, it is important to move quickly and call U.S. Trauma and Crime Scene
Restoration Equinox Biohazard Remediation. Our team isavailable for fast response evenon nights or weekends, andthe
sooner you call andhaveus react, thebetter.

Step Two:
Control and Containment
Following industry standard procedures, our technicians will establish three distinct areas. The first area, the
“contaminated area”, is where the remediation process will focus and will enclose all exposed surfaces and materials.
Beyond it a “decontamination area” is established for our team to put on protective equipment and fill disposal containers,
with a third “clean area” for hygienic storage of tools, equipment, and chemical agents.
Our work proceeds with two bioremediation experts working closely together, allowing us to complete the work more
quickly without sacrificing the exactness and attention to detail so critical to the work at hand. And, regardless of the
specifics of the situation, our team employs a full complement of safety material and takes precautions against exposure to
infectious agents.

Step Three:
Sanitization & Disposal
The contaminated areais thoroughly cleaned, andall exposedsurfaces clearly identified. Carpet, upholstery, andother
personalproperty that cannot beproperly decontaminated is removed andsecurely disposedof. To assist in this step, U.S.
Trauma and Crime Scene Restoration Equinox Biohazard Remediation maintains aclose professional relationship with
Biologic Environmental Services & Waste Solutions, providing our clients safe, secure, and environmentally friendly
biohazarddisposal service.

Step Four:
Deodorizing Trauma and decomposition can leave a powerful and long-lasting odor that can be nearly impossible to remove using
conventional means. Our technicians treat the area to remediate all biological matter, leaving the property once again fit
for normal human habitation.
At U.S. Trauma and Crime Scene Restoration Equinox Biohazard Remediation, we willquickly respond tosituations as they
happen andare always willing tooffer advice andassistance tohelp in the midstof deeply traumatic andchaotic situations.
If you are responsible for abiologicalcleanup situation,call us today at (844) 846-8566