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.Hoarding disorder (HD) is a highly disabling condition in which individuals have persistent difficulty parting with personal possessions, which results in clutter and inability to use the rooms in the home for their intended use. It causes public health problems when clutter attracts pest infestations or obstructs fire exits in apartment buildings, endangering both personal and neighbors’ safety. 

Most people can use some spring cleaning. There are usually several things in their home they don’t currently use and could recycle, donate, or throw away. Hoarders, on the other hand, typically have accumulated so many items that they become a hazard to basic living and sanitation. They have a hard time parting with excessive items. 

The excessive items which can be found in piles inside and outside of the home, begin to collect both dust and debris. The hoard becomes a breeding ground for mold, bacteria, insects, and other pests that add urine and feces to the piles. Hoarders are typically ashamed of how space looks and not only don’t invite friends and family over to visit but don’t allow entrance to any repairman and simply let appliances along with the electrical and plumbing systems fall into disrepair, thus adding to the deterioration of the home.

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