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U.S. Trauma and Crime Scene Restoration Equinox Biohazard Remediation is the industry leader when it comes to the removal, decontamination and disinfection of animal waste. Rodents are more than bothersome creatures. Rats, mice and pigeons—common household pests—can transmit viral diseases via unattended urine, feces and saliva. Often, their bacteria is airborne and can effect food and water sources found in homes and businesses. Several diseases can be found in rodent droppings, including leptospirosis, a bacterial disease commonly found in food and water sources; arenavirus, a viral disease that can cause extreme sickness; and hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, also a viral disease contracted through contact with rodent droppings.

Our technicians properly remove rodent waste and disinfect areas affected by rats, mice, pigeons, cockroaches and other rodents.  Although dry and longstanding, these droppings can still carry bacteria and parasites, especially in badly ventilated areas

CDC Urine and Dropping Guidelines 

The CDC has strict guidelines for proper precautions before and during restoration of rodent-infested areas. Before cleaning, trap the rodents and seal up any entryways to ensure that no rodents can get in. Continue trapping for a week. If no rodents are captured, the active infestation has been eliminated and enough time has passed so that any infectious virus in the rodent’s urine/droppings or nesting material is no longer infectious.

Before starting cleanup of the space, ventilate the space by opening the doors and windows for at least 30 minutes to allow fresh air to enter the area. Use cross-ventilation and leave the area during the airing-out period.

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